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The DAIO is a safe way to store all straightening irons and curling tongs out of reach of crawling babies and curious

The storage device can withstand searing temperatures to safely house hair appliances while they are heating up, during use and cooling
down. A donation from every  DAIO sold in the UK will go to the Child Accident Prevention Trust to help prevent more accidents.

The DAIO is available to buy online at and retails at £49.99.

Free heat-proof pouch

Cloud Nine has become the first company in the UK to supply heat-proof pouches as standard with all its straighteners. They are so concerned about this issue that they are also supplying a safety pouch to anyone who owns a pair of hair straighteners free of charge. Make a donation of just £2 to CAPT plus £2.95 P&P and Cloud Nine will send out a heat-proof safety pouch.

“Parents don’t know that hair straighteners can get as hot as their iron. Toddlers are into everything but don’t know that heat hurts. Add in the chaos of getting everyone ready and out of the house, and it’s no surprise these horrible burns are on the increase."

- Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive, Child Accident Prevention Trust

Hair straighteners can get as hot as an iron. So hot, in fact, you could cook your breakfast on them. And if they can fry bacon, imagine what they can do to a child’s skin. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) to raise awareness of the problem. 

There are concerns that hair straightener burns have doubled in recent years. Most injuries occur when crawling babies and toddlers grab at them, step on them, sit on them or pull them down. 

Hair straighteners can stay hot enough to burn up to 15 minutes after they have been switched off. But most parents don’t know just how dangerous they can be. Over a third leave hair straighteners to cool down on the floor, on furniture or over a door handle.

That’s why we need your help to spread the word. Here’s your simple five-step plan:

Step 1

Carve out 20 minutes to brief yourself on the dangers of hair straighteners:

Then share what you’ve learnt with your colleagues.  

Step 2

Think about opportunities to spread the word: 

  • Can you drop it into conversations during home visits? 
  • Do you run a clinic where you can distribute safety flyers? 
  • Do you run sessions with parents, for example, a stay and play group at a children’s centre?
  • Do you run networking sessions for childminders?

Encourage parents to make a donation to CAPT and get a heat-proof pouch from the Cloud Nine.

And could you share the hard-hitting ESC video of the melting doll through social media?

Step 3

Order colourful, easy-to-read CAPT resources to give out to parents.

Our ‘Keep hair straighteners out of my reach flyers' (£6.75 for 50) offers parents simple safety messages and first aid tips to take home with them.

Pre-order our NEW hair straighteners education pack (Introductory price of £15.00). The pack guides you through running effective, engaging discussions with parents and carers, exploring the dangers and the best ways to protect young children from preventable burns.

Step 4

Make awareness raising about hair straighteners part of a bigger campaign to prevent burns and scalds:

Too Hot To Handle covers hot drink scalds, bathwater scalds and contact burns. It includes three short films, a support pack to help you run engaging sessions with parents, plus 20 copies of our four flyers on hot drink scalds, bathwater scalds, contact burns and hair straightener burns.

Step 5

Talk to us! Email us and let us know about your plans and any feedback you get from parents.

Talk to your colleagues! Can you encourage others to get involved in the campaign, for example, staff in local health visiting teams or children’s centre clusters? Why not share this page with them?

Campaign resources

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* Plus £2.95 P&P.