CAPT road safety seminar, 2016

Road Safety Seminar

23 March, 10:00am – 4:00pm, Camden, London

Road safety – engaging the parents of children and young people: what matters and what works?

The event is intended for road safety professionals, senior teachers and school governors, public health specialists, highways engineers, policy makers and researchers.

Many road safety activities take place that are designed directly for children and young people, but there are gaps in the involvement of parents and carers.

Attempts to engage with parents on road safety are not always fruitful and professionals can feel that they are unable to reinforce the work they are doing directly with children, particularly in schools. The seminar will provide a forum to discuss these issues and will cover:

  • how children learn and the significance of parental influence on their attitudes and behaviour
  • what works in terms of engaging parents and promoting behaviour change
  • examples of projects that are engaging effectively with parents.

Specific topics will include in-car safety, parental involvement in supporting and encouraging children to walk and cycle, dangerous parking and parents and the use of motor vehicles by young people.

The event will aim to avoid narrow behaviourist interpretations of road safety which can be seen as ‘blaming the victims’, and will have a breadth of input that looks at initiatives that engage parents in wider issues around the purpose and ‘ownership’ of the roads as well as those that equip families to deal with current dangers.

Information about the speakers will follow soon.

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