Child Safety Week

Child Safety Week (5 June - 11 June 2017) is CAPT’s flagship community education campaign. Through Child Safety Week, we raise awareness of the accidents that seriously injure or kill children and how to prevent them.

Our emphasis is on helping families make informed decisions about safety rather than wrapping children up in cotton wool.

Each year we support thousands of community groups, nurseries, children’s centres and schools to run events to highlight child safety. We also get practical safety messages out to families through the media. In this way, we reach millions of families  across the UK.

One in ten parents told us they made their children safer from serious accidents as a direct result of Child Safety Week.

The week offers unique and targeted sponsorship and corporate partnership opportunities.

You can see more detailed information on the dedicated Child Safety Week website:

Local Child Safety Week events

Each event is unique, designed to engage local communities and tackle the issues that are most important in the area. Examples of events include:

  • Car seat checking days
  • Safety themed ‘pub quizzes’ for parents
  • First aid training for school children
  • Safety-themed games and play sessions for children

You can see more examples of Child Safety Week activities in the case studies section.

The Child Safety Week theme

Each year the Week has a theme to encourage families to think about child safety in their everyday lives.

  • The 2016 theme was 'Turn off Technology'. The use of technology, especially smartphones, is universal. This means the theme offers an opener to engage with families across the board, including those most at risk from accidents.
  • The 2015 theme was 'Teatime Terrors'. For example, drowning and bath water scalds, road accidents caused by heavy traffic while rushing home from school and nursery, and burns and scalds caused by kitchen appliances.
  • The 2014 theme was 'Morning Mayhem', where our brilliant Safety Heroes return to help parents with those chaotic mornings and defeat Morning Mayhem.
  • The theme in 2013 was 'Be a Safety Hero' where we celebrated the little things that people do to prevent children suffering serious harm and that makes them a Safety Hero.
  • The theme in 2012 was 'Small steps to safety' and we highlighted that the steps to safety are small but by taking these steps families can make a big difference to children’s safety.
  • The theme in 2011 was 'Take a second look for safety' and we encouraged parents to take a second look for safety so that safety habits become automatic.
  • The theme in 2010 was ‘Make time for safety’ and we asked families to give a little of their time to make children safer from serious accidents. Almost 800 days were pledged.
  • The theme in 2009 for Child Safety Week was ‘Safer, Together’  highlighting the benefits of working together to make children safer.

Why is it just one week?

We work all year round to promote child safety. But, for most organisations, it’s not their main job.

And, for parents, there are only so many hours in the day!

Through Child Safety Week, we put the spotlight on the real risks to children and on practical solutions. That way, families, and the groups who support them in their local communities, can build safety into their everyday routines, all year round.  

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