Keeping your children safe from fire

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Most children who die in fires die because they breathe in smoke which poisons them, rather than being burnt by the actual fire. Get some tips on preventing fires in your home.

Did you know…?

  • Fire is one of the biggest killers of children in the home, although numbers have fallen considerably over the years.
  • Thick black smoke from a fire can fill your home in minutes and can kill your child in less than a minute.
  • You and your family are four times as likely to die in a fire if your smoke alarm doesn’t work.

Safety reminders in case of a fire

Smoke alarms

Testing a smoke alarmYou need a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, upstairs as well as downstairs, to warn you quickly if a fire starts. This is especially important if a fire starts at night.

Take a minute every week to check your smoke alarm and you double your chances of saving your and your family’s lives.

Don’t remove the battery if your smoke alarm keeps going off when you’re cooking. Move it further away from the kitchen or replace it with one that has a silencer button or one that’s toast proof. Ask your local fire and rescue service for advice.

Escape plan and routines

Plan and practise how you and your family are going to escape if a fire breaks out can save vital minutes that can make the difference between escaping or not getting your family out.

Teach children what they should do if a fire breaks out. They will be scared and may be tempted to hide which means it takes longer to escape or rescue them.

Follow a night-time routine – switch off appliances, close doors and windows, make sure cigarettes and candles are completely extinguished, etc.

Clear away any clutter in the hallway before you go to bed. If a fire breaks out you don’t want to be tripping over things in the rush to escape, especially if the house is filled with thick black smoke and it’s dark.

Safety reminders to prevent fires

Chip pans are the biggest cause of house fires. Replacing your chip pan with an electric deep fat fryer means your risk of a chip pan fire is much less.

It’s safer to avoid running your washing machine or dishwasher at night in case it has an electrical fault which starts a fire while your family is asleep.

Store matches and lighters out of reach in a high up cupboard. Remember to put them back in the same place every time.

Make sure your cigarette is properly out and if you’re really tired, it’s best not to smoke in case you fall asleep with the cigarette in your hand.