Child safety consultancy – West Midlands 'Advocating Child Safety'

The West Midlands has one of the highest rates of unintentional childhood injuries in England. CAPT worked closely with them to develop a networking resource to support the development of child accident prevention partnerships in the region. 

The aims

The Department of Health West Midlands (DHWM) approached us to ask for support in reducing the accident rate. We worked closely with them to identify priorities, engage stakeholders, and plan how to encourage collaboration between local partners. We worked to:

  • Extend awareness of accidental childhood injury in the West Midlands
  • Signpost key sources of information to their stakeholders
  • Encourage networking and highlight opportunities for collaboration in the region
  • Share our first-hand experience of child safety initiatives and methods
  • Support workforce training and development in the area of child injury prevention.

To achieve these objectives, we produced a networking resource for stakeholders in the West Midlands – Advocating Child Safety. The resource is designed to support advocacy and action to prevent childhood injury in the West Midlands. It helps stakeholders to find injury data, understand relevant child accident prevention policies, view potential partner organisations, and foster communities involved in child safety.

Advocating Child Safety launched during Child Safety Week 2009. At the launch of the resource, Dr Rashmi Shukla, Regional Director of Public Health, said:

“Everyone has a part to play in helping children to stay safe, and Advocating child safety will create more awareness and understanding of the different roles and opportunities. This is an important contribution to the West Midlands Health and Well-Being Strategy”

The resource has been updated in July 2011 and includes a locally adaptable factfile which practitioners can use to record their injury prevention work.

The results

Since Advocating Child Safety was launched it has received a lot of positive feedback from users. It has been a focus for presentations and briefings to NHS professional leads, as well as local safeguarding children boards, child death overview panels and many others. The resource was profiled at the 2nd UK Injury Prevention Conference (September 2009), and at the West Midlands Excellence in Public Health conference on tackling childhood inequalities (June 2010).

Find out more

If you would like to discuss this project, or see a copy of Advocating child safety, contact Ian Evans on 0207 608 7362.