Child Safety Week - Nottingham City Council

In June 2010 Nottingham City Council grabbed parents’ attention with a poster campaign calling on them to ‘Make time for safety’. The posters were put up all across the city, and were designed to get parents thinking about the typical hazards in their homes.

ImageTheir 'spot the difference' posters were designed to highlight the simple things that could be done to prevent accidents in the home. Things that only take a minute – storing poisons in a locked cupboard, removing dangling kettle flexes, and getting rid of trip hazards – were the focus of the poster campaign.

The campaign was run by Nottingham City Council in partnership with the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, who take part in Child Safety Week every year.

Sue Thorpe, Avoidable Injuries Coordinator, said ”The City information panels are designed to reach 80% of the population, which is why we decided to go for such a high profile advertising route. We believe that raising the profile of unintentional injuries with partnership agencies is the best way to reinforce the message of Staying Safe.”