Child Safety Week - St John's Primary School

Many schools join in with CAPT’s Child Safety Week each year. Here’s just one example of a school that made time to teach students about road safety. 

ImagePrimary school students took part in the Kerbcraft Road Safety Training Scheme in the run-up to Child Safety Week. The theme for Child Safety Week 2010 was ‘Make Time for Safety’, so students from St John’s Primary School in Hamilton were encouraged to make time for safety when crossing the road. They were taught about

  • safe places to cross
  • how to cross safely between parked cars
  • crossing at junctions
  • which places were unsafe to cross

At the end of the training, all pupils were given a special Kerbcraft watch to remind them of what they’ve learnt, and encourage them to ‘make time for safety.’

Councillor John Murray, Chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s Road Safety Forum, said “It is wonderful that the training ties in so nicely with the theme of this year’s Child Safety Week, which hopefully means that all our parents and children have a head start and will already be aware of the importance of making time for safety.

Child Safety Week provides the ideal opportunity for parents and carers to really focus on making sure they just take that little bit of extra time to be more cautious – which can help prevent serious accidents to children.”