What parents and carers thought!

Parents and carers have so much on their minds, it’s often difficult to have the time to talk about safety. So it’s great for us when we get good feedback about their Child Safety Week experience, and what they’ve found out during the week.

Here are some of the things that parents said after Child Safety Week 2010:

“Having completed a Home Safety course today I will return home and make a fire evacuation plan.  It does not always happen to other people.”

“I had been waiting to buy a safety gate for my stairs until she was a bit older - I am going to buy one straight away - thank you!”

“I’m going to teach the children more of the dangers of bike riding.  I have bought the children bright bibs to wear whilst on the road with me to make sure they are seen.”

“As a first time mum I've found that I've learnt loads of things I didn't know about safety issues and I've taken them on board. Thanks.”

“One thing I’ll do differently because of Child Safety Week is never leave my child alone in the bath. I didn’t realise that children could drown in two inches of water!”

“I have been meaning to do this, but now I will plan a fire escape route in our home with my family.”