Be button battery safe this Christmas

30 Nov 2015

Spot the button batteries this Christmas. They’re in everything from musical Christmas jumpers to Santa hats and novelty rings.

Last month we wrote about little Eva McCafferty who swallowed a button battery. We’re really keen to keep button batteries on the agenda, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

New website

So we’re pleased to hear about a new website from the European Portable Battery Association, with advice on the risks for parents and medical professionals.

The website warns that “Ingested button cells can be very dangerous when they stay lodged in the oesophagus which requires urgent medical attention. The risk is particularly high for lithium-containing button cells due to their higher voltage.”

Pork and a giant poster

Carolyn Cripps, Chair of the European Burns Association’s Prevention Committee, used pork to give a powerful demonstration of the impact of a button battery on human flesh at the RoSPA conference.

And her giant poster, produced jointly with CAPT, drew lots of interest from delegates. Contact us to find out how you can obtain your own copy.

Due to growing concerns, the EBA’s Prevention Committee has just made button batteries its priority topic.

Spread the word

Don’t forget to order your Button Battery safety pack now. As parents start to think about Christmas presents and novelty goods, it’s a great time to put up the poster and hand out flyers.

These injuries are devastating. A paediatric consultant told us that, when she was treating a child who had swallowed a button battery, she had deployed tactics commonly used in war zones – such is the damage they cause.

Order your pack now. It includes one poster and 100 flyers for just £15 (plus £3.95 P&P).