Love it or loathe it the run-up to Christmas for parents means having a lot on your plate (and we’re not talking Christmas dinner).

Let’s keep it merry with six simple safety tips you can do that won’t add to the to-do list:

1. When you’re Christmas shopping…

And hunting online for the best offers on toys and gifts, dangers to watch out for are:

  • Easy-access button batteries – a swallowed battery can kill a child
  • Super-strong magnets – they damage the belly if swallowed
  • Long cords – that can cause strangulation
  • Bits that come off – that could be a choking hazard

Visit our toy safety hub to learn more about buying safe toys

2. When your decorations are going up…

Keep in mind fire risks. Look out for:

  • Frayed or loose cords on the fairy lights
  • Overloaded sockets or extensions
  • Candles near the tree – real or fake they can burn
  • And don’t forget to test your smoke alarms

Find more fire safety tips including a socket overload calculator here

3. When you’re visiting friends and family…

Remember they may not have things set up as safely as at home for your little ones. When you’re bringing in the bags take a couple of minutes to

  • move medicines or cleaning products out of reach (check the bedside table or by the loo)
  • make sure any blind cords are out of reach.

Before you set off, take a peek at safe sleeping advice for babies from the Lullaby Trust.

4. When you’re cooking at Christmas…

Watch out for burns

  • Try to keep the kids out of the kitchen if you can and away from the cooker
  • Use the back rings of the cooker and turn pan handles in.

Discover more ways to prevent burns and scalds

5. When you’re opening presents…

Spot any toys or light-up novelties that have easy-to-access button batteries and remove them without the kids noticing! Look out for spare batteries in the box too.

Learn more about the dangers of button batteries

6. When you’re eating and drinking at Christmas…

Put coasters in places out of reach of little hands so everyone knows to put their hot drinks down there.

Think long not chunky and narrow not wide for food like pigs in blankets, vegetables and cheese. Anything round needs cutting up.

Visit our choking hub to learn more including first aid for choking

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