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“It turns out this is one of the most damaging and dangerous things that my beautiful boy could have ever swallowed. It does not get much worse than this.” – Mother of an 8 month-old baby boy.

Button battery lodged in baby’s food pipe

Battery lodged in baby’s food pipe for four months

Image credit: CALHAM HILL. The button battery was stuck in Sofia-Grace’s food pipe for four months.

The BBC recently reported how 11-month-old Sofia-Grace was admitted to hospital after struggling to breathe, drink or eat solid food.

She underwent two-hour surgery to remove a flat button battery from her food pipe. It had been there for four months.

She still has to return to hospital every two weeks for procedures to repair the damage and faces the prospect of further surgery.

But Sofia-Grace was lucky. Had the battery been fully charged, it could have triggered a chemical reaction burning through her food pipe and causing catastrophic bleeding.

The danger posed to young children by powerful lithium coin cell batteries cannot be underestimated. Our video shows the damage a fully-charged battery can do.

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