Looking for inspiration and ideas on how to engage families this Child Safety Week? Whether you’re running an event or putting on a display we’ve got you covered.

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Create a display

The easiest thing you can do to support Child Safety Week is to create a display. Use our brand new display pack to create a colourful Child Safety Week display in your setting.

Download your display pack here

Run engaging group discussions

Our session plans cover a variety of safety topics. They support you to run engaging group discussions with parents. The workshop outlines have safety facts and tips to share followed by questions designed to stimulate discussion.

Download your session plans

Make it an event to remember

There are lots of things you can do to engage families and create a talking point at your Child Safety Week event.

1. Keep children entertained

Setting up a colouring and activity station can help keep children occupied for long enough to allow a valuable conversation with their families.

Take a look at our free colouring and activity sheets

2. Take the taste test

Bitrex is added to many potentially harmful products and is so bitter that children spit it out rather than swallowing it – helping to keep them safe. Give parents and carers the chance to see what Bitrex tastes like – with plenty of milk chocolate on hand, to take the taste away!

Order free Bitrex taste test kits here

3. Use props to break the ice

Using props and activities can be a fun way to break the ice and start conversations. For example:

  • Set up a baby bath and ask parents and carers if they have thought about the main accident risks at bath time. You could use a hook-a-duck game to make it more interactive.
  • Bring in foods like carrots, grapes, peanuts, hard-boiled sweets, mini-eggs and a tin of hot dog sausages and put these on display to demonstrate common choking risks. Demonstrate how cutting grapes in to quarters lengthways (not across) makes them safer for young children.
  • Gather together a small box of everyday household items that can be dangerous to small children. For example, pen lids, small toy parts, grapes, button batteries, nappy sacks, magnets, laundry capsules etc.
  • Use toys as props to demonstrate safe sleeping advice for babies. Gather together a toy cot, bedding, bumpers, mattress and doll to show what to look out for when putting your baby to sleep.

4. Host a competition

Hosting a competition can be a good way to draw families to your event. You could use a donated prize and one of our quizzes.

5. Something to take away

Want to give parents something to take away from your event?

More free resources for your event

If you’ve been inspired by these ideas, why not think about using a mix of resources and visual conversation starters at your own event.

Visit our resource centre for free, downloadable resources to share with families.

Are you hosting an event this Child Safety Week?

We love to see your display stands and events. Please share your activities with us on social media. Tag us and use #ChildSafetyWeek. Or by email on safe@capt.org.uk.

Thank you for supporting Child Safety Week and helping children to lead active healthy lives safe from serious injury.

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