CAPT’s consultancy service can help your organisation to shape its accident prevention work. We can help you to identify local priorities and develop evidence-based strategies and programmes. As a national charity, we operate at scale, drawing on data, academic research and good practice nationwide to inform effective local action.

Our work with Public Health England

CAPT has worked closely with Public Health England (PHE) to provide guidance for local authorities and their partners on accident prevention for children under five in the home and children and young people on the roads.

Reducing unintentional injuries in and around the home among children under five years

Reducing unintentional injuries on the roads among children and young people under 25 years

We also helped develop PHE’s new guide for all staff working with children under five.

Our consultancy service can help you to implement this advice.

What we do

We help organisations to:

review and interpret data to inform priorities for action
develop evidence-based strategies, plans and business cases
bring stakeholders together to share information and build alliances
map key partner agencies and opportunities for mobilising services
identify training needs for frontline staff in engaging with parents effectively
examine options including implementing NICE public health guidance on home safety assessment and equipment schemes (PH30)
We will mentor your staff as they develop knowledge in this specialist area. Our consultants can also provide short-term project management, adding specialist short-term capacity to your team.

Our consultants are:

experts on relevant national and local data
up-to-date on current national policy and guidance
knowledgeable about the injury risks at different stages of child development
well-informed about effective interventions and programmes
connected to cutting-edge practitioners and researchers.


“Involvement of CAPT has enabled us to provide some clarity that we are focussing on the right thing and going in the right direction.”

“CAPT’s input has been more than worthwhile. It will lead to a good, strong business case. Yes, we’re living through tough times but actually, given the cost of a child attending A&E, prevention is always a cheaper option.”   Local Authority Public Health Consultant

“The planning process was simple and swift and the input from CAPT brought a valued degree of national expertise to this priority. I would have no hesitation in working with CAPT in the future.”  Assistant Director, Public Health

Taken from the independent evaluation of CAPT’s mentoring programme by the Charities Evaluation Services.

Find out how CAPT consultancy can help your organisation

Contact Ian Evans on 0207 608 7363.

Find out how CAPT’s mentoring can help your organisation

Contact Ian Evans on 0207 608 7363.

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