Firework and bonfire safety tips from Firework Sam

Fireman Sam and the Child Accident Prevention Trust launch safety tips for parents after new research shows a quarter have never discussed Bonfire Night safety with their children.

We have joined forces with Fireman Sam to release new Bonfire Night safety tips giving families essential advice on staying safe around fireworks, bonfires and sparklers.

The launch of the child-friendly safety tips come on the back of new research commissioned by Fireman Sam. The survey of 1,000 parents of children under 8 found:

  • Accidents with sparklers, burns from fireworks and bonfires, and road incidents topped parents’ concerns on Bonfire Night.
  • Almost a third (29 per cent) of parents have been worried about their child’s safety at an official fireworks event, while over a third (35 per cent) have been worried due to the lack of precautions at an event hosted at someone’s house.
  • Almost a quarter of parents (24 per cent) wouldn’t feel confident in how to react if an accident did happen.
  • A quarter have never discussed Bonfire Night safety with their little ones.
  • Only four in 10 (39 per cent) said their child would know to stop, drop and roll if their clothing caught fire.

Katrina Phillips, CAPT’s Chief Executive, said:

“Bonfire Night is magical. But with sparklers burning 16 times hotter than your kettle, they can badly burn a child. Many parents aren’t clear what to tell their children about staying safe on Bonfire Night or what to do if the worst happens. That’s why we’ve created some essential family safety tips to keep little ones safe.”

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