“I realised the importance of not just ‘telling’ parents but engaging them through questioning and visual props and local news”

Course length

One day.


A practical course to help all early years workers to empower parents and carers to prevent accidents.

Who should attend?

Ideal for Healthy Child Programme practitioners working with families with young children, including children’s centre staff, health visitors, community nursery nurses and staff involved in early intervention and family support projects.

About the course

This practical course helps practitioners make the most of everyday opportunities to engage parents and carers in child accident prevention, both one-to-one and in groups, bringing safety to life through questions, props and resources.

Participants will be coached to use CAPT’s Preventing Accidents session plan pack – a flexible resource for getting accident prevention messages across effectively.


  • To develop practitioners’ knowledge about accidents among the under fives and the relationship between child development and injuries.
  • To build practitioners’ confidence on how to get accident prevention messages across to parents and carers effectively.


At the end of the day practitioners will be able to:

  • explain the main kinds of injuries that young children experience, their causes and what parents can do to prevent them
  • boost engagement with parents and carers through proven methods that are effective in one-to-one and group work
  • use everyday opportunities in the home/centre to introduce a safety topic
  • plan and deliver accident prevention messages using CAPT’s session plan pack, having practised using the pack
  • identify useful partner organisations that can support your accident prevention work.


  • £995​

Includes two copies of CAPT’s preventing accidents session pack worth £25 each.

The trainer’s travel and subsistence costs are additional and agreed in advance of the course.

All the practitioners went away with ideas of how to create interesting ways to teach safety to parents and the confidence to try some of the methods through the useful resources from CAPT”

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To find out more about commissioning this course contact Ian Evans on 0207 608 7363.

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