How to fix blind cords safety devices

Fix a tidy, tensioner or cleat
  • Tidies and tensioners should be firmly fixed to an adjoining surface so the cord or chain are permanently held tight
  • Cleats should be positioned out of children’s reach on an adjacent surface, at least 1.5m from the floor
  • Cords should be fastened in a figure of eight after every use of the blind, making sure all the spare cord is secured on the cleat.

The Make It Safe campaign by the British Blind and Shutter Association has a series of films showing quick and easy ways to make different types of blinds safer.

Blind cords safety regulations

Standards governing the manufacture, selling and installation of new blinds came into force in 2014, with the aim of reducing child accidents.  New blinds all come with a safety device.  It is essential this device is fitted.

However, these standards do not apply to blinds purchased and installed prior to 2014, which is why it’s still important to check any blind cords in your home are safe and if necessary purchase and fit a safety device.

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