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Inequalities and child injury prevention – a life course approach

With children from the most deprived areas at greatest risk from unintentional injury the life course approach to health and well being puts the spotlight on giving young children the best start in life, including taking action to ensure safer homes and local environments.

To support the life course approach to prevention, Public Health England (PHE) has produced a new edition of Health Matters – Prevention – a life course approach. This helpful tool and guide shows graphically how health inequalities impact across the life course, including the higher rates of emergency hospital admissions due to unintentional injuries in the most deprived areas. However, there is also a reminder that unintentional injury is also an issue for less deprived areas.

The resource signposts to evidence-based interventions and tools, as well as to evaluation and monitoring techniques.

More information:

You can download the new PHE resource, together with free infographics which can be used to help to make the case for commissioning and delivering services in your area at:

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