Popular TV presenter Jean Johansson is fronting a new campaign for the Child Accident Prevention Trust highlighting the increased dangers to young children with families at home, including those posed by all our cleaning things and sanitisers.

For Child Safety Week (1-7 June 2020) she is trying Bitrex, the bitterest substance on earth. Bitrex is added to many household products so that, if young children drink them by mistake, they spit them out before they can be poisoned.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust is warning that over 80% of the most serious accidents to under-fives happen at home. And with the pandemic piling extra pressure on families, and young children spending far more time at home, exposure to risk has been heightened.

Jean says:

“We’re all feeling the pressure and you will be too, particularly if you have young kids running around. Believe me I know what that’s like! There’s a brilliant Parent Pack you can get for free from the Child Accident Prevention Trust website that gives tips on the main things to do keep your children safe. Please download it.”

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