This year’s Child Safety Week theme “Safety makes sense!” is designed to bring a focus and a talking point for your work with families.

“Many people mentioned the recent TV adverts about washing tablets/pods being stored up high but most didn’t know the reason for this advice and were unaware of the serious injuries they can cause.” First aid trainer

Families today have instant access to every possible piece of advice about bringing up children – google is the new guru grandparent.

There are bloggers, vloggers, influencers, celeb Mums, self-proclaimed parenting experts, Facebook groups, Whatsapp chat and instafamilies all telling us how to parent!

The result is a massive pressure to ‘get it right’, to be the perfect parent or present the perfect family profile, and confusion about what truly makes a difference to children’s lives.

Child Safety Week 2020 aims to cut through the noise, to be the voice of reason on child accident prevention, so safety makes sense to families.

Working together, we can help families know what they really need to do to protect children and how to do it.

Make the most of the theme
  • Use #safetymakessense in your social posts and for sharing any photos
  • Use the Child Safety Week poster on your website or as as a talking point for discussion.
  • Make the most of all the assets in our social media toolkit.
  • Download the Child Safety Week banner to use on your website.
  • Use the theme as the title for any parent group discussion, school assembly, stay and play session or Child Safety Week display.
  • Promote the week on all your channels using the Safety makes sense! theme title and the short introduction below:

Safety makes sense!

Serious accidents can change families’ lives but most are easy to avoid. So it makes sense to find out what small changes can make a big difference to your family this Child Safety Week.

Safety makes sense – pass it on!

Put Child Safety Week on the agenda of your next team call or meeting. If you work alone, mention it at any networking group calls, on-line meetings or face to face networking meetings. Explore ways of using the Week to reach families with practical help that makes sense in turbulent times.

Working with other teams or organisations helps to spread the load and navigate through changing work patterns and relationships. There may be mutually beneficial wins from joint working that help cement relationships for other work.

Find out more about working in partnerships

Encourage colleagues and partners to register for Child Safety Week at That way they’ll automatically receive the same updates as you.

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