We give free child safety advice to parents and carers, support professionals working with children and families, support senior professionals and policymakers and advise the government and organisations on child safety.

Child safety advice to families

  • We give free child safety advice to parents and carers on our website, including activities on popular safety topics
  • We distribute family-friendly resources like picture booklets, leafletsposters and DVDs. Staff working with families can buy these from our shop, and distribute them to parents and carers in their local communities
  • We spread key safety messages and help change behaviour through our safety campaigns. We reach millions of children, young people, parents and grandparents UK-wide through Child Safety Week. One in ten parents surveyed made their children safer from serious accidents because of this work

Supporting professionals working with children and families

Supporting senior professionals and policymakers

Our Making the Link project supports senior practitioners and policymakers working to prevent unintentional injury to children and young people in England. We carry out the following activities:

  • Partnership and networking events
  • Specialist master classes  on child injury prevention
  • Mentoring local authorities and public health teams
  • Sharing of best practice case studies and strategies
  • Sharing of local evidence of what works in child injury prevention
  • Visit the Making the Link website

Advising the government and organisations on child safety

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