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As a small charity, we are always grateful for help from individuals. If you have read and benefited from our safety advice or feel passionate about keeping children safe please consider making a donation to fund our future work.

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Employment Opportunities


We are a small team but passionate team of experts. Although we are home-based and don't see each other every day, we have built a supportive community where everyone comes together to create an enduring sense of belonging to something very special.

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Need to speak to us? We always welcome feedback and ideas. Or, do you want to purchase resources you cannot find in our shop ... never fear, we are here. Contact us.

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Charitable trusts and foundations


Thanks to the support of charitable trusts and foundations, we can reach the children at greatest risk of preventable accidents. Find out who has supported us and the difference a grant can make.

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Patron Programme


Our Patron programme offers a low-cost, low-effort way for businesses to become public supporters of the Child Accident Prevention Trust and officially recognised champions for child safety.

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Work with families? Don’t miss out. Sign up to our free emails with safety alerts, top tips and links to the latest safety campaigns and free downloadable resources to share.

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