Focus on: Cycle Safety


Cycling is a great way to keep fit and active. However, whether it’s a young child cycling in the park on his first bike, or an older child cycling to school, cycle accidents are a real risk for children and young people.

Focus on: Cycle Safety2022-07-11T06:12:46+00:00

Blind cords or ‘silent killers’?


Blind cords can act as a noose and cause strangulation in less than a minute. Fit blinds with safety breakers or make sure a cleat hook is fitted so that the cord can be tied safely away every time

Blind cords or ‘silent killers’?2022-07-08T09:33:21+00:00

Focus on: Summer Safety


The weather has definitely surprised us this year. As families head off for holidays in the sunshine at home and abroad, here's our definitive guide to summer safety.

Focus on: Summer Safety2022-04-26T11:04:40+00:00

Staying safe on holiday


It might sound obvious, but remember to exercise the same caution in holiday accommodation that you do at home. A few simple checks and precautions to ensure parents are not caught off guard. Enjoy the summer weather!

Staying safe on holiday2022-04-26T11:12:58+00:00


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