We support Safer Sleep Week!


A survey of over 8,500 parents carried out by The Lullaby Trust has shown that 40% of parents have co-slept in dangerous circumstances such as on a sofa, having drunk alcohol or as a smoker.

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Focus on choking prevention


Choking is one of the biggest causes of accidental death in the under 5s. Once parents understand the nature of the risk, they’re better equipped to take preventative measures. Here, we take a detailed look at why it’s such a serious risk for children.

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Danger on the changing mat


Imagine keeping a bunch of carrier bags within baby’s reach on the changing mat, under the cot mattress or knocking around your children’s bedroom floor – you just wouldn’t would you?

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‘Devastating deaths’ – safety body issues recommendations on button batteries


The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch publishes its independent investigation into the death of a three-year-old who swallowed a button battery. Its report makes recommendations about public awareness, product safety and clinical decision-making.

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Safer school journeys


Now the school holidays have come to an end for most of the UK and parents emerge from the endless tasks involving uniforms, shoes, PE kits and lunchboxes, we’d like to make a plea to remember road and pedestrian safety, when it comes to easing children into a new routine.

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Firework Safety


Fireman Sam and CAPT – UK’s leading charity for reduction of accidents and injuries to children – today publish the most up-to-date information for children around Halloween and Bonfire night safety.

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Christmas unwrapped … safely


Everything is a toy when children are little. With all the excitement, it’s easy for little hands to find things that are dangerous. Here is our low-down on unwrapping Christmas safely.

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Be Bright, Be Seen


Visibility is a key issue all year round, all day round, whether children are walking or on their bike. However, over the winter months, it is especially important as the school day can start and end in twilight.

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Have you checked your alarms?


Last year, according to the Fire Kills campaign, last year, 248 people lost their lives due to a fire at home. Many of these could have been prevented. Did you know that you’re 8 times more likely to survive a fire in your home if you have working smoke alarms?

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Focus on: Winter Safety


As the Met office updates it weather warnings due to heavy snow, strong gales and intense rain on their way, it is worth reminding ourselves of the seasonal risks to child safety at this time of year.

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Safety makes sense!


There are bloggers, vloggers, influencers, celeb Mums, self-proclaimed parenting experts, Facebook groups, Whatsapp chat and instafamilies all telling us how to parent! Child Safety Week aims to be the voice of reason so safety makes sense to families.

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Stay home, stay safe … from choking


With people staying at home and our hospitals under enormous pressure, it's more important than ever to prevent injuries from happening. Be particularly aware of sweet items such as mini eggs around Easter time. Article includes free finger food download.

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