• Falls are the most common cause of emergency hospital admissions across all age groups. Look who's falling is a DVD resource pack focusing on falls scenarios for young children; windows, stairs and high chairs.
  • Toxic tales DVD pack

    £13.51(£1.01 VAT)
    Toxic Tales is a DVD which educates parents about the risks of accidental poisoning. It deals with three of the most common and serious poisoning scenarios: medication (pills); household cleaning products and carbon monoxide.
  • Too hot to handle DVD pack

    £19.22(£1.22 VAT)
    This DVD looks at three burns and scalds scenarios: a scald from a hot drink being spilled, a contact burn from an oven hob and a bath water scald from a child falling or climbing into a hot bath.
  • Set of three DVD resource packs – Look who's falling, Too hot to handle and Toxic tales


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