Button Batteries

“It turns out this is one of the most damaging and dangerous things that my beautiful boy could have ever swallowed. It does not get much worse than this.” – Mother of an 8 month-old baby boy.


Session resources

Running a short session on button batteries helps equip parents with essential knowledge and practical tools to prevent a tragedy happening to their family.

Use our ready-made resources for an effective group discussion, whether virtual or face-to-face.

Bacon video

Run this time-lapse film at the beginning of your session for maximum impact.

It shows the damage a button battery can cause if it gets stuck in a small child’s food pipe.

Session plan

A flash card showing child-appealing products powered by button batteries. Ask parents what they recognise.

Plus a workshop outline with questions to stimulate discussion and safety facts and tips to share.


Use to illustrate the products and places where a small child can find button batteries in the home.

Then share with parents as a practical tool to use to check their own homes after the session.

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