I will amend our safety checklist and help families to take ownership of risk assessing their homes” – Early Help Family Practitioner”

Course length

One day.


A practical course to help all early years workers to empower parents and carers to prevent accidents making use of a home safety checklist.

Who should attend?

Practitioners working with families with children under five such as children’s centre staff, health visitors and family nurses and staff involved in early intervention and family support projects. Particularly relevant for practitioners that visit families in their home.

“The hazard and solution activity was very useful – something we can do with parents.” – Early Help Family Practitioner

About the course

The programme strengthens participants’ knowledge about unintentional injuries among children under five years and coaches them on how to use a home safety checklist with parents and carers in a way that empowers mothers, fathers and other carers.


  • To develop practitioners’ knowledge about accidents among the under-fives including the relationship between child development and injuries.
  • To highlight key safety messages for the principal hazards.
  • To explore how to use a home safety checklist as a way of engaging and empowering families through one-to-one work.


At the end of the day practitioners will be able to:

  • explain the main kinds of injuries that young children experience, their causes and what parents can do to prevent them
  • highlight key safety messages
  • use a home safety checklist as a practical tool with parents and carers to help them assessing risks around their home and identifying practical steps to minimise them
  • Identify sources of safety information and resources for work in reducing child accidents.


  • £995​

The trainer’s travel and subsistence costs are additional and agreed in advance of the course.

“The course heightened my awareness and will support me in managing the team in their work to ensure homes are safer places. I will know how to prompt workers to access services.” – Children’s Centre Key Work Team Leader

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To find out more about commissioning this course contact Ian Evans on 0207 608 7363.

“It was really useful seeing views of a home through a child’s eyes.” – Student Health Visitor

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