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According to figures released for National Burn Awareness Day:

  • 11 under-fives are admitted to specialist burns units every day across the UK because their injuries are so severe.
  • 250 children a month need treatment for serious scalds from hot drinks and kettles.

These burn injuries can be life-changing – emotionally as well as physically. Yet the vast majority are preventable. And that’s how you can make a difference.

Get involved

National Burn Awareness Day takes place on Wednesday 17 October. Run by the Children’s Burns Trust and the British Burn Association, it promotespost image prevention and good first aid.

It’s really easy to get involved. There are lots of free downloads, including a toolkit, posters and resources for social media, to help you publicise burns prevention in your community.

Build on the momentum

Why not use the national day to kickstart local awareness raising? With our help you can:

Ready-made educational sessions

Our burns prevention DVD resource pack Too Hot to Handle looks at three burns and scalds scenarios: a scald from a hot drink being spilled, a contact burn from an oven hob and a bath water scald from a child falling or climbing into a hot bath.

Here is a sample:

For just £25.00 plus P&P, you get:

  • Three compelling films, covering hot drink scalds, bathwater scalds and oven burns.
  • A pack of 15 support cards giving you facts at your fingertips, accurate safety and first aid advice, and practical discussion and activity ideas.
  • Colourful flyers: 20 each on hot drinks, bathwater, hair straighteners and contact burns.

Plus, with illustrated flashcards, practical support cards and colourful flyers, our hair straightener education pack gives you everything you need to run engaging discussions with parents. Just £15 plus P&P.

You can make a difference

As Gabriel’s mum explains:

“Everyone in the burns unit was there because of an accident. None of them were born that way and they hadn’t developed a disease to make them disfigured. In a split second their whole life changed.”

Please get involved and help us stop these life-changing injuries.


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