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Tailor-made child safety training

We offer in-person and live online training to help your staff make the most of every contact with parents and offer consistent, evidence-based advice on child safety.

We adapt course content to suit your needs, using local data and reflecting local circumstances to encourage collaboration and support a place-based approach.

Both our face-to-face and virtual training is fully interactive, offering opportunities for small group work and whole group discussion.

This is a cost-effective way of delivering staff development, at the time and place that best meets the needs of a group of staff.

Knowledge into practice

Our training builds learners’ knowledge, skills and confidence, sharing effective ways of engaging families, using strengths-based techniques that are easy to put into practice.

This includes explaining the links between accidents and child development, and specific risks at different stages, enabling practitioners to weave safety advice into conversations with parents, including at developmental reviews.

As the poorest children are over-represented in preventable accidents, our training also helps participants empower vulnerable parents to improve child safety.

We offer

  • 2.5 hour live virtual training: £550
  • 5 hour in-person training at a venue of your choice: £995 plus travel and subsistence.

Each course is suitable for up to 24 delegates.

While our focus is home safety for under-fives, we can also cover road safety and the safety of older children.

We can also work with you to develop a bespoke training programme to roll out across your local area.


  • Effective as an introduction to the issues as a well as a refresher for more experienced staff.
  • Our live virtual training brings practitioners together in a learning environment without the challenges of travel.
  • Our longer in-person training allows practitioners to practise and gain confidence in applying the skills they have learnt.
  • All our expert training reflects national guidance on reducing accidents and evidence of what works in child accident prevention.

What do delegates say?

Feedback from participants on a recent series of 13 courses for a local authority has been extremely positive – 97% of the health visitors, community nursery nurses and other early years staff ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that, after our training, they were better able to provide home safety messages and recommendations to the families they work with.

“Fantastic mix of listening and talking with slides and information. Loved the interactive components.”

“From now on I will engage with conversation, linking to development rather than giving a long safety talk.”

Tell me more

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about commissioning our training:

Note: For our in-person training, you supply the venue and facilities, and select which staff you want to benefit from professional development.

Frequently asked questions

What facilities and equipment do you need to deliver an in-person course?2023-09-28T08:19:21+00:00

In-person training needs the right environment for effective learning, sharing and interacting. Please download this list of what we’ll need from you for a course to run well.

Do you charge VAT on your training courses?2023-09-19T07:30:43+00:00

No, as an educational charity we are exempt from charging VAT on the training we deliver.

How much do you charge for travel and subsistence for your in-person courses?2023-09-19T07:27:49+00:00

We charge for travel to your venue plus overnight costs if required. We cost this out in advance, so you will always know the full cost of the course before you book it.

What is your cancellation policy?2023-09-19T07:29:06+00:00

For online courses, the full fee is payable for cancellations made 1 week or less before the event.

For in-person courses, fees are not refundable or transferable for cancellations made 4 weeks or less before the event. Details below:

Weeks notice Fee
Less than 4 weeks Full fee payable
4 – 8 weeks 50% fee payable
More than 8 weeks No fee payable


When will you invoice us?2023-09-19T07:29:38+00:00

We usually invoice after we’ve delivered the course, though we can also invoice in advance if that’s helpful. In order to invoice, we’ll need a purchase order number and the contact details of the person in your finance department.

Do you offer first aid as part of your training?2023-10-02T08:35:06+00:00

No, we don’t. We’re experts in child accident prevention but not in paediatric first aid. We suggest you contact the Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance.

Other training options

Open courses

Offers the same interaction with our experts but for individuals or smaller groups


COMING SOON! Enables individuals to learn online at their own pace and in their own time


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