Dashing across the road with young children in tow. Bundling children in or out of the car. Multi-tasking on the phone while rushing to nursery …

This is typical of the constant rush that has become the norm for most parents. With growing numbers of parents in multiple jobs and record numbers of women working, there’s often little time to remember, let alone learn about, child road safety.

Parents need reminders that tell it all in a moment. Our best-selling booklet It’s fun to go out can help. With vivid illustrations of common risks to young children and simple, non-judgemental language, it brings road safety to life for busy parents.

 “The pictures tell the story so you can see the danger without having to read it”

Our special half-price Road Safety Week offer

To coincide with Road Safety Week (#roadsafetyweek 20-26 November), CAPT is pleased to announce a half price offer on the It’s fun to go out picture-based safety book. Just use code ROAD50 at checkout.

It’s fun to go out is one of the acclaimed Picture of Safety series of booklets which help to make the most important child safety messages simpler and more easily accessible to a wide range of parents, families and carers, including those with poor literacy or who may not have English as their first language. They are also invaluable resources for children’s centres, family hubs and all those involved in families outreach.

The special offer for It’s fun to go out is available until the end of November, but the road safety messages contained in the booklet are important for children and families in your community all year round. 

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